AP poll: 61 percent of Americans support legal marijuana

Sharon Johnson calls herself an addict, although she`s been sober for 3 years now. She started by smoking pot and eventually transferred to split drug. Her daughter has tried heroin and I think I m going to pull her out of the gutter someday, Johnson laments marijuana delivery la .

Johnson has actually seen firsthand the ravages of drug abuse reflected in a national Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey. Whether it`s alcohol or illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine, a majority of Americans say it`s a problem and that more needs to be done to resolve it.

We Now Invest More on Legal Weed than On Lady Scout Cookies

Americans can legally purchase pot in 23 states, and according to a new report, we like our legal cannabis better than Girl Scout cookies which is saying something if you`ve ever attempted a Thin Mint. Legal cannabis raked in $3.4 billion last year, while Girl Scout cookie sales generated approximately $780 million. Legal pot both leisure and medical cannabis outsold e-cigarettes last year, too.

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The Art of Marketing Marijuana

In the summer season of 2014, The New York Times released it’s first-ever marijuana advertisement.

Previously that year, Colorado and Washington State had actually started allowing the sale of recreational pot, and critics were alerting that as more states followed suit, profit-motivated corporations might begin marketing a lot of pot to a lot of individuals.

Savvy cannabis companies, worried about verifying this suspicion, stuck to depictions of their most understanding users 2 more states, Oregon and Alaska, have legislated leisure use of cannabis, and a number of others may soon have the opportunity to join them.